That’s right, folks… I’m back and ready to do some more damage! Thankfully my publisher tolerates me more than he should, which means brand new words for all you lovely humans (or whatever you happen to be lurking out there in the ether…I’m not picky.). #3 in the Shadow Council Archives series is almost here!

Due to hit digital shelves April 7, 2022, this one is called “Between the Dim & the Dark” and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve done. But enough yammering…take a look!

A castle on a lake.

A lonely woman.

A darkness lurking just out of reach…

Adam knows something is about to happen when his vampire friend takes him to the home he never wanted: Castle Frankenstein in Geneva. Having successfully eradicated the Frankenstein bloodline, the old house belongs to Adam, and with it come all of his father’s possessions. Through Victor Frankenstein’s journals, he begins to learn the truth about himself and his origins.

On the other side of the lake, Mary Godwin is unhappy with her current living situation. Her housemates, more interested in debauchery than intellect, mock her pain and laugh in the face of her grief. She and Adam find themselves tangled around one another after a chance meeting that turns the sleepy banks of Lake Geneva into a burning battleground.

History knows nothing of the events of that dreary June. Only the Shadow Council can tell the truth. The Shadow Council Archives are historical accounts of events witnessed by the Shadow Council, a shadowy cabal of folk heroes and anti-heroes from the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series by John G. Hartness.

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